Jul 062016
Two Events that Shaped Law Enforcement's Response to an Active Shooter

In my opinion, there are two incidents in our nation’s history that had huge impacts on how law enforcement responds to an Active Shooter. The first incident occurred on August 1, 1966. That is the day that Charles Whitman, a former Marine and current engineering student, took a barricaded position on the 28th floor observation […]

Jun 252016
540 Degree Awareness

On April 28th 1881, Sheriff Pat Garrett was out of town on business and William Bonney (aka Billy the Kid), awaiting his hanging for the murder of former Sheriff  Brady, was left in the custody of Deputies James Bell and Robert Olinger (spelled wrong on the marker). While Deputy Olinger took several other prisoners to the Wortley Hotel a […]

Apr 262016
Corps Values by Zell Miller - Review

Everything You Need to Know I Learned in the Marines.  That is the sub-title of the book by former Georgia Governor Zell Miller entitled “Corps Values”. I, personally, was never a Marine and whether you were or not, this book has a great foundation of “Corps Values” for you.  I read this book several years ago […]

Apr 212016
Mechanix Wear Gloves Review

Like a lot of the people that I know and like a lot of you, I have a LOT of gear.  I didn’t say that I use it all, but I have it.  I have it, because I have tried a lot of different things, some of which has worked and some of which hasn’t. […]

Apr 082016
Physical Security and CPTED

We live in a world where crimes occur every day.  I’m not sure if there is a way to completely eliminate the risk of being a victim of crime, but there are certainly ways that we can greatly lower the risk. By taking security measures, we can greatly lower the risk of being a victim of […]